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Plant reproductive morphology is the study of the physical form and structure the morphology of those parts of plants directly or indirectly concerned with sexual reproduction. Among all living organisms, flowers , which are the reproductive structures of...

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Unisexual flower diagrams

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Varieties are created by cross Unisexual flower diagrams, eliminates undesirable characters of the plant, maintains crop yield. Cross-pollination is the rule among diclinous plants, i. In such flowers, no other way to pollinate other than cross pollination as there is only one sex organ. This is the condition when a flower cannot be fertilized by the pollen of the same flower or, sometimes, from a flower of the same strain of plants.

In some orchids, flowers wither away if pollinated by its own pollen. Cross-pollination is obligatory in such plants. When stamens and "Unisexual flower diagrams" of a bisexual flower mature at different times, pollination between them becomes ineffective. Dichogamy may be of two types:. The anthers ripen first as in most Compositae i. As a result, when the anther bursts, it pollinates stigmas of other flowers but not its own stigma which is not yet ripe.

The carpel matures first as in many members of Annonaceae e. When the stigma is receptive, its own pollen is riot ripe so that it has to depend on foreign pollens. In some flowers there may be some physical barrier between the anther and the style so that pollination between them is rendered difficult or even impossible.

The extrorse anthers of Gloriosa dehisce the anthers out of reach of its own stigmas. In Calotropis and orchids, where the pollens are aggregated in pollinia, the pollinationis entirely at the mercy of insects. In certain plants there are flowers of two dimorphic or Unisexual flower diagrams trimorphic different forms with anthers and stigmas at different levels.

The primrose shows an interesting case of dimorphism. In the first form, the anthers are placed deep down in the corolla lube and the stigma lies at the entrance. The pollens of this type are smaller and the stigma papillae larger. In the second type the anthers are placed at the entrance while the stigma is deep down. Moreover, in Unisexual flower diagrams case the pollens are larger and the stigma papillae smaller. This will involve pollens and stigmas of similar growth.

Such dimorphism is also shown by jasmine. The three types of flowers show three positions of anthers and stigmas so that there is cross-pollination involving three heights.

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Flowers are the reproductive parts of plants, which take part in the process of sexual reproduction. Before we study sexual reproduction in detail, let us first study a dissected flower to identify the male and female reproductive parts present in it. Take a gulmohur flower. Hold it at the peduncle and cut the flower in half with a scalpel.

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Unisexual and bisexual flowers are two types of flowers organize in plants. Flowers are the reproductive structures of angiosperms. Both male and female reproductive organs are localized in flower. Pistils are the female reproductive organs, and stamens are the virile reproductive organs create in a effloresce. A mature pistil contains one or more ovules, cut, and a demerit.

Stamens contain anthers, which are held by filaments. Pollen grains, produced in anthers, are deposited on the bad mark during pollination.

  • Flower Diagrams of. unisexual flowers. © S. LIEDE. Colorcode: bracts - axis: light grey - sepals:...
  • Such flowers are known as unisexual flowers (e.g., watermelon, cucumber, etc.) Those flowers which have both sex organs...
  • It consists of a thickened, fleshy axis (spike) bearing clusters...
  • Mitchell and Diggle () distinguished between two types of unisexual flowers. Type I represents unisexual flowers...

Better flowers have both the male and female reproductive organs, Unisexual flower diagrams some bear either the male or the female sex organs. Such flowers are known as unisexual flowers e.

Those flowers which have both making out organs are known as bisexual flowers e. A flower generally bears a long or short axis. This axis has two parts—the stalk of the flower, called pedicel, and its swollen top hailed thalamus.

The parts of a flower are arranged on the thalamus Figure6. A typical flower consists of four sets of floral parts, or whorls: Calyx and corolla are not directly involved in reproduction.

Androecium and gynoecium are directly concerned with sexual reproduction. Unisexual bloom diagrams androecium is the male part of the flower and consists of stamens. The gynoecium or pistil consists of carpels and is the female reproductive part. The whorls are arranged on the thalamus of a best in a definite set. Calyx is the outermost whorl. It consists of sepals. The sepals are usually green, but "Unisexual flower diagrams" they may be coloured.

Calyx protects the floral whorls in the bud stage. Corolla, the next inner whorl, consists of petals. Petals may be white or brightly coloured.


Unisexual Flowers - Unisexual flower diagrams

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