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Sexual dimorphism is a pervasive phenomenon among anthropoid primates. Comparative analyses over the past 30 years have greatly expanded our understanding of both variation in the expression of dimorphism among primates, and the underlying...

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Sexual dimorphism and mating systems in primates

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Sexual dimorphism in body size as well as canine size is related to mating system. Mate competition is more intense in polygynous mating systems than monogamous systems. Size, generally, is critical in mate competition in polygynous systems. Low sexual dimorphism in humans suggest that body size might not have been important in mate competition in humans but we will discuss this further when we cover human evolution. Could include mating system, age of maturity, parental care by males.

Generally, terrestrial polygynous species e. Large body size probably does not help arboreal males when they fight in trees. Frugivores, for reasons that are not clear, are slightly more sexually dimorphic than folivores. Energy may be less of a constraint.

Females may be more clumped. Bigger primates are more sexually dimorphic than smaller species. One researcher suggested that as certain Sexual dimorphism and mating systems in primates species became bigger during their evolutionary history, males evolved to be bigger faster than females.

This idea has not received much support, however. Physical dimorphism and mating systems in primates.

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Lustful dimorphism and mating systems in primates.

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#59 Peter Kappeler: Sexual and Mating Dynamics in Primate Species, Human Universals - Best Hookup Sex Sites

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  1. Mark Hewison; Mating system, sexual dimorphism, and the opportunity for sexual selection in a territorial ungulate, Behavioral Ecology , Volume 19, Issue 2, 1 March , Pages —, https:

  2. Sexual dimorphism describes the morphological, physiological, and behavioral differences between males and females of the same species.

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