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Men with deep voices might be a hit among women, but a new research suggests that a low pitch is more likely to have evolved to scare the competition off. If similar vocal sex differences appear across species...

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Deep voice intimidating team

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Posted April 27, Deep, booming male voices among primates, including humans, may have evolved more Deep voice intimidating team intimidate rivals than to attract females, a multinational team of researchers says. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Academy Sciences Bthe team said deep voices were more likely when primate species were polygynous a male having many partnersnot monogamous, and thus males were competing more intensely for mates.

The team said that as males evolved to become more monogamous, there was less difference between male and female voices. The study had three parts, looking at the links between voice pitch and mating, the influence of pitch on attractiveness for both males and females, and the link between deeper voices and being perceived by other males as being dominant. Voice pitch was measured by the "fundamental frequency" between males and females, the lowest pitch that vocalisations reach.

Analysis of 1, recordings of vocalisations from humans, other apes, and monkeys from the Americas and Asia showed a much greater difference between males and females in species where males mate with more than one female than where pairs mate exclusively. The researchers suggest a male with a lower pitched voice could have the edge in securing mates because it is seen by rivals to be intimidating. However, humans had the greatest difference in pitch between the sexes of all the ape species, despite anthropologists regarding humans as most often monogamous and, despite a larger body size, being associated with less difference between the sexes.

Dr Puts, however, said humans were effectively moderately polygynous, even in monogamous societies. The second part of the study had 15 men and 15 heterosexual women rating the attractiveness of women and men reading the same piece of text.

The pitch of female voices did not affect ratings of attractiveness, but deeper male voices were rated as more dominant by Deep voice intimidating team and more attractive by women.

The link between pitch and dominance was three times Deep voice intimidating team than that between pitch and attractiveness, leading researchers to suggest that deeper voices evolved more by competition between males than by female choice. Voices may allow males to establish a hierarchy without having to resort to Deep voice intimidating team, the researchers suggested.

The third part of the study found a connection between deep voices and health, with a lower pitch connected with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, higher levels of testosterone, and a healthy immune system, suggesting that deeper male voices are perceived as more attractive because they indicate a healthy mate.

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I actually always idea they sounded style of amusing. Like as really heinous voices. Deep voices on men extraordinarily do it on me. Even cured if they can sing too. Artful voices make my panties drop! I love deep voices! So sexy, unusually the quiet intent ones. It would never intimidate me: I get that a lot buddy for a bleeding long time at the moment. As a mock with a unquestionably deep voice, I agree with you OP, and then wish I had a higher convey.

From my own experience there is this unspoken conjecture "Deep voice intimidating team" men with deep voices to always lead the conversation. As an introvert this has become rather burdensome.

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When both heterosexual men and women were played recordings of male voices, the deeper tones were hailed by men as sounding more dominant. While the deeper voices were judged to be more attractive by female listeners, the effect was weaker, the researchers report.

Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , the three-part study by an international team of scientists explored the links between voice pitch and mating systems, attractiveness and, for males only, perceived dominance. After selecting recordings, they found large differences were more common in polygynous species - where males mate with more than one female - than monogamous ones.

That, they say, could be because in polygynous species, competition between males is greater - hence a male with a lower-pitched voice deemed to be intimidating could have the edge in securing a mate. The results, say others, are unexpected. In the second experiment, women and men were recorded reading the same piece of text. For each female voice recorded, 15 men then rated it for attractiveness on a seven-point scale, both with a view to short and long term relationships, while each male voice was similarly rated by 15 women.

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  1. The researchers conducted three studies and found that a deep-pitched male voice was seen as dominant by other males, but had a smaller impact on attracting females.

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